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"Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths,
guide me in your truth and teach me,
for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long."
~ Psalms 25:4,5

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Birth of "LORD, Let Me Learn"...

I have resisted the media avenues of blogs and the social networks of facebook, etc. because I have wanted to invest in the real people in my life with the limited capacity I have in this stage of life with two little ones.  However, this blog is the door the LORD has opened for me as an opportunity to have a cup-filling experience!  It "fills my cup" to have refreshing drinks in The Word with others.  So, whether I personally know you or not, it is my cup-filling joy to share these drinks of the living, refreshing Word of God with you!  Here is the story of seeds that have flourished into "LORD, Let Me Learn".

In 2003, I was a speaker for a Christian retreat of college women.  One of the volunteers approached me afterward and said something to the affect of, "You are an intense person.  That is such a good quality, don't let anyone discourage you of that."   That was a powerful statement as I often do feel a little "out of touch" with others.  Others who are more funny and laugh easily, Others who are light-hearted and spontaneous.  I'm just not wired that way.  I am serious and intense and structured.  Not that I don't appreciate a good laugh or a spontaneous adventure, but that just doesn't come naturally for me. I have held that affirmation dear over the years as it has encouraged who the LORD has made me to be, helps me reign in my intensity when needed, and helps me understand why I may feel "out of touch."  

Over the years, I have longed for intimate fellowship - dear friends I can share my deep spiritual thoughts and ponderings with.  People who also appreciate digging deeply into the Scriptures and hearing from and obeying the voice of the Spirit.  I have a few of these dear friends, but don't have those type of conversations as often as I would desire or would be soul fulfilling for me.

In July of 2011, I was riding in the car with my husband on the way home from a little getaway we had.  I was sharing how I am so energized by insights the LORD has taught me, but don't feel like I have many "outlets" for that.  

September 17, 2011 - an evening of discouragement.:(
September 18, 2011 - a day a many rejuvenating insights!  I had decided to go to the local coffee shop to get some extended time with the LORD while my family napped.  Before I went I wanted to read a blog that a friend had recommended.  (Mind you at the time I was not a follower on any blog and had only occasionally read blogs of friends or specific posts friends sent from other blogs.)  But this friend had been sharing that she struggled maintaining the LORD's perspective of thankfulness and that this blog (of Ann Voskamp) helped her.  Considering, I slumped into sadness the evening before, I decided it would be good to be refreshed on a thankful perspective before spending time with God at the coffee shop.  Ann's post on Sept. 18 took my breath away!  I was so moved to be in step with the Spirit.  It's been something I've been striving for consciously recently, but to read hear of another fellow believer have a sense of victory in this area was motivating.  I basically ran out the door, grabbing a book on worship to read and drink deeply of, and rushed off to the coffee shop.  On the way over, I thought about the points of insight the LORD had shared with me so far that day - in my personal time with Him in the morning, during our Sunday School class, and during the sermon.  Because of how inpactful Ann's blog was on me and because I have these insights that I don't feel like I have an outlet for, the idea of starting my own blog crossed my mind!  If only a few people can be encouraged in their walks with Christ by only a few of my posts, like I was, it would be worth it.  When I got to the coffee shop, the barista asked, "How are you?"  I responded, "Good."  AND I MEANT it!  That's the first time I've FELT "GOOD" in a long time.  (Though I've been trying to LEARN the TRUTH of JOY for years now:)).  I sat with my white hot chocolate and journal and scribbled all the exciting thoughts going through me head.  I wanted to ask God if it was just my fleshly idea to do a blog or Spirit inspired.  I sensed Him saying that as long as I keep the focus on proclaiming the insights He's guided me to and am sensitive to it not taking time away from the other responsibilities He's entrusted me with, it would be disobedient not to pursue it at this point!  

I had jotted down some of the phrases that have stuck with me lately (which I used as my subtitle, "Abide in Love, etc." and on the drive home (I couldn't get home fast enough to get started!) the phrase "Teach Me" came to mind as  a Title, then Teach Me To.  They weren't available, but Lord Teach Me To was.  I was hesitant to have "Lord" in the title as not to "scare away" non-believers, but since sharing deep insights with believers serious about walking more intimately with Jesus was my focus, it seemed weak not to.  Then the alliteration of "Lord Let Me Learn" came to mind and I like how that has a more humble tone and a tone of the learning "process" as I learn something initially but then the LORD continues bringing it to mind and bringing opportunities that enable me to actually learn and put into practice what He's been teaching.  So, LORD, Please Let Me Learn...

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