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~ Psalms 25:4,5

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Lost and Lost

LORD, what is to be my lesson when my children lose things?  It would be telling if I had a timer on to testify to the amount of minutes of a day spent looking for things that have wandered from their homes or are homeless and therefore harder to track down.  Shoes, gloves, keys, phone, the empty ink cartridge that was set aside to refill...

Today it was the Ernie Elephant Awana patch and the little orange basketball.

I promised DS4 that I would get his Awana patches sewed on before his next Awana meeting - that was two days ago...I got 3 of the 5 sewed on.  I asked for forgiveness.  Today, I told him as soon as I got ready for the day I would sew those last two patches on right away.  The kids were on the bed playing while I was getting ready.  They helped themselves to tactiling the thread and patches.  When I went to sew them on, Ernie was nowhere to be found.  Turnover pillows, under bed, under dresser, out in living room where DD22mo may have re-homed it.  Only 4 out of 5 patches sewed on...still...Ernie still lost.

Five pm, long day - DD very fussy, decided on only 1 hr. nap.

Inching past 40 degrees, I decided I could brave the chill and the fresh air would probably do all good. DS wants to go up to the basketball court...and bring our Little Tikes basketball hoop.  I say I'll bring the hoop up from the basement and he can carry the ball.

We bundle up and a few minutes later, daddy gets home!  Oh, what a blessing, Daddy can take them!  He changes, they get ready to go, and ... the little orange basketball is nowhere to be found.

DS was sure he carried it up from downstairs...our house is not that big...there are not that many places for a 7 inch diameter basketball to hide (that's an estimate on the size b/c I can't measure since the ball is still missing!)

Mom does two laps around the house, looks outside front, outside back, garage...DS can't remember where he had it last...

LORD, what is to be my lesson when my children lose things? 

It happens to us all and I'm trying to learn to have homes for things - a place for everything and everything in its place - helps the time and emotional drain of searching for things that should be 'right there.'  It's one thing when it's your own mindlessness; it's another dimension of feeling futile on the search when you have NO IDEA where the child would have mindlessly dropped "it."

Just found!  Basketball in DD's room - I looked there twice!!

(Daddy found Ernie Elephant in his shoe a week later!)

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  1. I'm glad you found the ball! I find having everything in its place to be something I'm naturally good at, but this isn't so for everyone, just like those who are disciplined in their time with the Lord are naturally good at it. Thankfully, we're being sanctified toward such things, and we are given patience to endure them while the fruit is still taking shape!